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Welcome to

Excellence is the Standard

Samuel W. Mason

Pilot Elementary

Welcome to the Mason Pilot Elementary! 

Mason Pilot Elementary Handbook
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Welcome to the 2022 - 2023 School Year!
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School Video
Mason community at work and play!

About the Samuel W. Mason Elementary School

At the Samuel W. Mason Elementary, we are excited to welcome you and your family to our school community! 

We educate students from K0 to Fifth Grade. Our students are provided with wonderful opportunities supports their success in school and within their communities. Our community partners include: City Connects, Boston Nature Center and Food Corps, Boston University, Northeastern University, and Wheelock College.

Teachers are dual certified and participate regularly in professional development training related to SPED, ESL instruction and the content areas. The Mason promotes teacher leaders who assume various leadership roles and serve as mentors to student interns. Annually several teacher leaders have conducted workshops and trainings for various BPS departments.

Vision Statement

 The Mason School is a united community dedicated to providing equitable and rigorous learning experiences that ensure mastery of core academic skills and build the tools necessary to foster critical thinkers, risk takers, and powerful leaders.

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