Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to the Mason!

This year all students will be required to wear masks throughout the school day. We will also have an after school program for students. Please keep in mind that additional welcome back information can be found below in Principal Allston's Welcome Back Letter!








Below you will find Welcome Back Letters from each teacher. Click on the link to view Welcome back information!

K0/K1: Ms. Sorice

K0/K1: Ms. Cheney 

K2: Ms. Keeler 

K2: Ms. Kenney 

Grade 1: Ms. O'Leary

Grade 1: Ms. Tino 

Grade 2: Ms. Isabelle

Grade 2: Ms. Barnes 

Grade 3: Mrs. Hogan 

Grade 3: Ms. Dorch 

Grade 4: Mr. Burnett 

Grade 4: Ms. Keogh

Grade 5: Ms. Small 

Grade 5: Ms. Gurung 

Family Liaison: Ms. West

Inclusion Specialist/Resource: Ms. Wilkins 

ESL: Ms. McNeil 

ESL: Ms. Smith 

Science: Ms. Paul 

Art & Movement: Ms. Mendes

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